Let us handle the software, backups, security, and compatibility updates, so you can work on the content that matters.

Modern sites often require keeping the software running it up to date. Security updates, optimizations, and malicious file scans can take some time.

If you’re not performing routine maintenance, your site is at a higher risk of getting altered by a malicious user or an automated attack—that’s right, even if you’re not a specific target.

Let our experienced team maintain your site’s software, keeping it up to date and compatible with the latest version of your Content Management System (CMS), plugins, and themes.

We’ll also keep you aware of your site’s usage with our customized reports and recommendations.

Handle With Care

The Doorways

Maintaining an up-to-date website is crucial for The Doorways, who provide temporary lodging for patients and their families in downtown Richmond. Our “bedside manner” of monthly updates and watchful eye ensures their site's longevity and reduces potential downtime during a moment of crisis.

Hands-On Training

We're proud to empower our maintenance clients with our knowledge. That’s why we prepare hands-on tutorials for The Doorways - so their team can feel confident about making day-to-day adjustments and content updates on their own.

Best Practices

We provide ongoing counsel for The Doorways on the latest trends in web development. We've embedded stylized social media links, removed antiquated plugins, and even built a sticky header for smoother navigation.

Bright Futures

John Randolph Foundation

After launching a successful site rebrand for the John Randolph Foundation, several tweaks on their development wishlist remained. Our tiny-and-mighty Security Subscription did just the trick.

Content Updates

We're happy to help keep your site’s content fresh and optimized. For JRF, we knocked out some post-launch edits in the first few months, including an interactive timeline of the organization's history and an opt-in newsletter signup to the footer of the site.

Routine Bug Sweeps

We're no flyswatters, but our weekly sweeps do catch their fair share digital bugs—those pesky issues that pop up after a few updates. We spotted and fixed several on JRF’s site before any user or staff member could, and quickly eliminated them.

30 minutes or less is all it takes to see how we build or support your WordPress site.