Bump up the discounted consulting time, throw in uptime monitoring, and add an industry leading web application firewall

Not ready to approach a full project and just want to handle some ongoing updates with your current site? We handle system and theme updates, security audits, optimization, and cleanup to keep your CMS running smoothly and securely, all on a monthly, renewable retainer.

Need a few ideas? Here’s how we’ve helped some of our maintenance clients. Our approach? Boldly going where no developer has gone before.

Boldly Go

Humble + Postal

For production-house Humble + Postal, going the distance is a cinch with 5 hours of monthly Maintenance Subscription. Together, we've tackled it all: developing new landing pages, tweaking custom Mailchimp theme templates, improving site functionality, and that's just this month...

Modernized license themes

Combining two sites into one, we developed a custom theme based on Humble's previously licensed theme to give their client reels the showcase they deserve. The result? 6x faster load times, and a whole lot less junk in their digital trunk.

Branding refresh

Hover animations. Crisp fonts. A sizzling color palette. We pulled out all the flourishes for the development of Humble + Postal's latest brand refresh, just in time for award's season.

The Power of Possible

The Yeomen

Efficiency is always in the brain of The Yeomen's support-desk superstars. We handled most of their initial wishlist of improvements—including some items over a year old—with just two months of Maintenance Subscription support. It didn't take long for the Yeomen team to find room for more enhancements.


Though The Yeomen's mobile site was already a 10, we cranked it up to 11 by implementing a hamburger navigation menu and a two-column layout to better display staff members on their staff page.

Custom post types

Few things get Antimatter excited like custom post types. When we learned The Yeomen had no easy way of adding new testimonials on the site's backend, we added a custom testimonial post type that wowed their team.

Security Sweeper

Fullman Firm

As California's leading debt relief attorneys, top-tier site security is a must for The Fullman Firm, but malicious attacks were causing some trouble for the hardworking team. Through our Maintenance Subscription, we were able to identify and implement a plan thwarting weekly malicious DDoS and spam attacks, restoring 99.9% uptime and quick loading speeds to the firm and its users.

Security and stability

Automated bots and bad actors can cause trouble a website, even if it isn't a direct target. Antimatter audited and monitored The Fullman Firm’s server configuration to address trouble spots as needed.

Doing our homework

If we don't know the answer, we'll certainly find it. Antimatter searched for ways to streamline and further customize Gravity Forms. Not only did we exceed expectations, but we learned a few new tricks along the way.

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