Support Subscriptions

From routine updates to security audits and theme maintenance, let Antimatter Co. take care of the behind the scenes portion of your site so you can focus on the content that matters most to your users. Plus, if you need help with content updates, we can do that, too.

In the ever-changing galaxy that is the internet, website updates require constant vigilance–security updates, optimizations, and malicious file scans, not to mention keeping your theme up to date to remain compliant and compatible with the latest version of your Content Management System. The risk to your site grows every day you don’t have a comprehensive plan to protect your domain. You don’t need to boldly go it alone though – we’re here to guide you on your journey.

Antimatter Co. offers monthly-renewable retainer subscriptions to handle the big, scary, and downright tedious tasks of managing your site. Let our experienced team make sure your site is properly maintained and compatible with the latest CMS/plugin versions.

We’ll also keep you aware of your site’s usage, with customized reports and recommendations to keep you up to date, provide redundant backups in addition to your hosting provider’s backups (if available), and ready for future improvements without significant overhauls.

Instead of catching up on your web needs in moments of peril, which can be costly long-term, let our expertise keep you ahead of the curve. Starting at $350 per month, our plans are flexible, and allow you to add multiple sites to a single, monthly transaction.



Let us handle the software, backups, security, and compatibility updates, so you can work on the content that matters.

  • Weekly updates, backups, and security audits
  • Monthly status reports & recommendations
  • 2 hours discounted consulting time


Bump up the discounted consulting time, throw in uptime monitoring, and add an industry leading web application firewall

  • 24/7/365 uptime monitoring
  • CloudFlare optimization and firewall included
  • 5 hours discounted consulting time
Build Your Own

$Contact Us/mo

Let’s create a custom plan where we can handle as much as you need, from scheduled content to social media.

  • Flexible invoicing by time & materials
  • Offload tedious updates to our team
  • Scales when your business grows
We don't want to alarm you, but we have some ideas, tips and tricks, and best practice recommendations that you may be missing out on. If you'd let us, we're happy to send a few emails your way each month.