Web Hosting Migration & Security

Whether it’s moving to a web hosting company optimized for WordPress sites or updating your current hosting and website to support SSL encryption and HTTPS support, Antimatter Co. has you covered.

We hate value, economy, budget, or any similarly-worded "dollar menu" style hosting plans. No, seriously, that type of hosting is bad. That little add-on to your domain for $7.99/mo. or a sub-$25/mo. plan for hosting is an invitation for trouble.

With most value hosting, you're sharing the server with a lot of other customers, all running different types of software and services. The servers are often optimized to just run websites. Not particularly well, and not great. As long as they run, that's what $7.99/mo. gets you.

Your users, on the other hand, might end up waiting upwards of 20 seconds for a page to load, or worse, the server crashes and your site is offline. You might find your browser timing out simply when trying to upload an image to your CMS. When we're running our routine maintenance—like simply updating a plugin or WordPress itself—your server shouldn't crash because it doesn't have enough memory or CPU to do the job.

Premium or managed WordPress hosting companies, however, focus on one thing: finetuning their servers and services to specifically run WordPress exceptionally well. That means more memory, more CPU, and more processes to run WordPress and only WordPress.

We've migrated over 100 sites to different hosting companies over the years. Most of our clients are on the same managed ore premium WordPress hosting company we're using, and we're constantly evaluating other hosting companies to see if they might have an edge on our current hosting company.

Antimatter Co. has partnered with Kinsta and WP Engine for secure, optimized WordPress hosting.

For over 5 years, Antimatter Co. has had experience developing WordPress sites for and migrating existing WordPress sites over to the Kinsta and WP Engine platforms.

Not only are 90% of our current clients Kinsta and WP Engine customers, we are, too. (We think of it as eating and sharing our own grain-free, premium dog food.)