Site Analytics & Optimization

Whether you’re looking to see top performing pages on your site or checking to see which portions of your site need reworking, Antimatter Co. can help you from tracking to solutions.

Even if you’re a non-profit organization, your website or application serves as an investment in your organization’s future. It’s a multi-purpose tool that can be continually modified for countless possibilities.

Often times when we talk about a project, it comes down to a financial number that purchases a defined item. With a car or a piece of furniture, once it leaves the factory, that product often doesn’t get better with time.

Digital projects, however, have the ability to evolve and grow over time to address your organization’s ever-changing needs in a competitive market. The website you “bought” can be improved multiple times daily, launch new sections and features, and reach more users as time passes.

Simply put, we encourage you to invest in your organization’s future by committing to avoid stale content and websites that don’t change.

Keep on revising, update your content often, and stay competitive!