Antimatter set up a temporary workstation at Franklin Street's office for onsite consulting. Antimatter's staff would be onsite 4-5 days a week for the month-long project.

Onsite & Remote Consulting

Although we generally work in Richmond, VA, we’re happy to travel and be present onsite at your office in multiple day/week collaborative working sessions. In fact, if you give us a vacant cubicle or office to work out of, we’ll feel right at home.

Sometimes, it makes sense to set up shop in your office and work directly with your team for a while. Collaborating through frequent (or daily) working sessions allows our team to interface with yours and work on rapid prototyping that sees concepts turn into finalized templates.

In many cases, we've worked with clients throughout the duration of building their website at their office. We've even set up our own temporary workstations, complete with posted prototype designs, wireframes, references, and notes.

For some client partners, we've traveled across the country, lived out of our suitcase, and turned a conference room into a makeshift office. For another client partner near our own office, we set up a spare cubicle into our office for a month.

General Conditions and Code of Conduct for Onsite Consulting Requiring Travel


  • Reimbursements for business-related travel, including airfare, rental cars, parking, and mileage can be billed separately as-needed, or included in the overall project budget. Premium add-ons, such as priority boarding, seat selection, or upgraded cars are not billed for reimbursement.
  • Idle time spent "door-to-door" when traveling outside our home area is generally billed at 50% our standard agency rate—specifically the time once we leave our home/primary office to the place of lodging in another city or state and the time spent on the return trip home.
  • Our most frequented cities for business travel are Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and New York.
  • We're U.S. Passport-ready and can travel internationally if needed.


  • We treat travel-related meals as if we weren't getting reimbursed for them; we won't rack up a large tab.
  • We'll bill for reimbursement for any travel-related meals that fall under the following categories: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack at any point in the day. Some meals may take place during transit between locations, such as in an airport or on the plane.
  • Unless specifically offered or allowed by a client partner, we do not seek reimbursement for alcoholic beverages, unless they are part of a meal with a client partner.


  • We're not picky: a Holiday Inn Express in a corporate business park is fine. We may even opt for a nearby Airbnb rental to save travel expenses if we find a nicer, cost-efficient option than a hotel room.
  • We have loyalty memberships with Hyatt World, Intercontinental Hotel Groups, which can sometimes aid in reduced rates. We can also use your company's prenegotiated group rates when available.