Project Roadmaps

Everyone needs a little advice sometimes, even if we’re not the people to produce your project. We get that, and we’re happy to get you started. Whether we earn your business or not we’ll work to save you time and money as you complete your project.

In the business world time is precious, and taking the time to build new client relationships costs money. After researching vendors, getting trusted recommendations, scouring the web for killer examples, pitching your colleagues, and soliciting RFPs, the last thing you need is another step. Balancing the need to stay competitive in the present, while planning for the future of your business, was a great challenge—until today. Here’s where Antimatter helps lighten your load.

Our Project Roadmap Package is simple: we do your homework—all of it. We create a personalized, thoroughly-researched plan for your upcoming project. This includes an in-depth discovery meeting, as well as a vetted document including our proposed solutions, available resources, technologies, estimate, and recommended timeline. At every step of the process, we walk you through industry best practices, decode the jargon, and ready your project for long-term success.

We know how just rapidly projects can get complicated with endless scope creep, unforeseen needs, and technological gremlins popping up at any moment. We minimize these risks and subvert the unpredictable by studying the problem from every possible angle in order to keep your project on the roadmap and under budget.

Project Roadmap Packages are work-for-hire projects: All the materials we research, produce, and compile is yours to keep, to send to competitors, or to distribute to your peers and make you look like the hero you are. Antimatter digs deep—compiling business rules, use cases, key success metrics, the works. You can use this document to talk to other potential vendors for competing bids, and hopefully save the time and money of discovery all over again.

At Antimatter, we want to see you succeed. A Project Roadmap Package approach saves our clients time, money, and offers peace-of-mind while allowing you to plan for your future.

Oh, one more thing...
If you assign the project to us, we'll deduct the Project Roadmap cost from your overall estimate.

Think of it as a first date.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Discovery meeting

    We'll meet in person or via online conference to talk about your project's goals, key performance indicators (what you'll track to measure success), and current pain points.

  • Thoughtful research

    After we complete our Discovery meeting, our experienced team of planners and developers will research solutions based on our industry's best practices.

  • Project Roadmap Package

    We'll present and deliver your personalized package containing our research, proposed solutions, estimated timelines and costs based on our agency's current rates

  • Reduction in project costs

    If you go with us as the project's developing partner, we'll deduct the cost of the Project Roadmap fee from the project fee as we've already taken care of the planning. Score!

  • Boilerplate for competitive pricing

    Take the Project Roadmap Package—you own it afterall—and shop around for other competitive options. You'll skip the introduction and repetitive meetings by giving other shops the necessary information to price their own solution.

Here's what we'll (hopefully) save you from:

  • Starting from scratch for each bidding partner

    Now that we've provided our research and proposed solutions, along with timelines and estimated costs, this should skip redundant discovery meetings with other potential developing partners.

  • Faster project spin-up time

    Should you go with Antimatter Co. as the developing partner on this project, we won't need to start planning at the beginning of a project anymore once the deposit has been received. That means we can get started on development right away.

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