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Minimum Engagement

For New Clients

We hate making rushed introductions. Small projects often turn out to be stressful for both parties.

In that respect, our minimum project engagement fee is $6,000—or about 1 ½ weeks’ worth of one staffer's time.

For 501(c)(3) Organizations

We appreciate and understand the challenges of running a nonprofit. We've worked with a lot of nonprofit groups and want to continue doing so.

We offer a steeply-discounted rate in addition to occasional services offered as in-kind donations. Our minimum project engagement fee for nonprofits is about $3,000—or about 1 weeks’ worth of one staffer's time.

Current Availability

We typically are booked on projects and existing client maintenance tasks for at least one month from the current date.

If you are a new client and need more immediate assistance, and if we're able to accommodate you, we may need to charge a rush fee.

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