Content Management

A Webmaster is so 1999. Upgrade to a modernized Content Management System and curate your site easily and quickly. We’ll train your team to manage your site and support you whenever and wherever you need additional help.

No matter the company, the key element to online success is pushing customer traffic to your site. Sure, you just built the Best WordPress Site of All Time™, but now what? Studies show that 51% of web-traffic is achieved organically. Optimized, fresh-out-the-oven content such as blog posts, videos, photos, webinars, case studies, your latest schemes, etc. that show up in a web search brings traffic to your site.

We organize your site efficiently by offering Content Management Systems (CMS). To achieve your goal of a fully search engine optimized website we cross the wires in WordPress using a concoction of trusted plugins, custom development, and wizardry. This improves your SEO rankings and gets rid of headaches for your users too.

The video production company Humble + Postal was in need of a content management system capable of categorizing and hosting a wide variety of video content.  To support their spectacular work, Antimatter Co. developed a custom CMS that filed their directors’ work across multiple categories, integrating custom backend tools to allow for cross-listing, a feature not directly offered by WordPress. Filing literal antimatter may not be fun to others, but it’s our specialty.

Rebrand, Relaunch, and Relax

John Randolph Foundation

In spring of 2016 Antimatter Co. partnered with the John Randolph Foundation to overhaul their website and CMS, in conjunction with the foundation's rebranding efforts.

Improved Navigation

We took complicated navigation, sometimes requiring as many as 7 clicks to reach their users' desired content, and reduced the average number of clicks down to just 2 in most cases.

Expanded Content Control

Much of the foundation's grant and scholarship content was stored in separate web applications and systems. We worked with JRF to consolidate a number of these systems to expand their ease of management.

Putting Standards in Organization

Wayfinder & UL

For over two years, Antimatter Co. has provided development assistance, systems administration, and training for agency partner Wayfinder’s client, UL, a leading safety and standards organization. Antimatter supports UL’s 45+ subdomains, multiple WordPress installations, and custom theme/plugin maintenance.

Making Health Administration Easier

Wrecking Ball & JTCC

Antimatter Co. was tasked with developing agency partner Wrecking Ball’s client John Theurer Cancer Center’s hospital website. Reorganizing and accounting for over 450 pages of content across multiple divisions is no small feat.

Content Reorganization

With the help of Wrecking Ball‘s content team and responsive templates, Antimatter streamlined this work with ease. Several hardcoded sections were imported into the CMS, improving search indexing and categorization.

Administrative Simplicity

Custom controls within the CMS allowed JTCC staff to take the site after launch and maintain it with little need for developer intervention. Bonus: The design styles automagically account and adapt to reordered content.

30 minutes or less is all it takes to see how we build or support your WordPress site.