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Discoveries & Theories

Once and a while, we’ll publish our scientific findings, tips and tricks, and other musings here. Grab a notepad, some popcorn, or your RSS reader.

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3 Benefits of Monthly WordPress Support Subscriptions

WordPress Support Subscriptions should be like Swiss Army Knives—versatile, affordable, and ready for action.

Responsive web design for Enrichmond

Democratizing Tree Planting With Enrichmond

Last year, Enrichmond set out to plant locally grown trees in Richmond’s parks through their new Urban TreeLab program. The question was where to plant them?

Two coworkers look at design concepts on a whiteboard.

How Site Owners & Agencies Can Work Better Together

We have a saying here around our office. No matter the client, success or frustration, our core belief remains; we believe in human partnership.

5 coworkers touch their fists together over their laptops in a sign of teamwork.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site

New year, new site? Improving your website shouldn’t be a new year’s resolution, especially if you’re using WordPress. We’ve got you covered.

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