We Take Your Security & Privacy Seriously

See how our use of VPNs, encryption, strong passwords, credential managers, and other tools help ensure your website and data is protected and secure.

Through the almost twenty years we've worked in the industry, we've seen some bad security practices on both the agency and client side; pratices that can easily open up vulnerabilities and vectors for an automated hack, brute force attack, and spam injections.

Things like sharing user accounts across multiple users—especially if the user account was created for an employee who hasn't been with the organization in 5+ years. Having every single user set as an administrator even though they should only be able to edit specific page content? Not on our watch.

Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits have relied on us to provide timely security audits, help bolster their security and monitoring procedures, and keep an eye on site and administrative activity to make sure changes are intentional and traceable.

We always use our VPN on untrusted connections

We utilize 256-bit VPN services to encrypt our connection whenever we're on an untrusted internet network, making sure credentials to your sites and services never get transmitted in plain text.

We believe organizations should own & delegate access

Your development partner should never hold the keys to your domain, email, or hosting. We'll work with you to make sure you own your company's properties and use services that allow you to provide limited access to partners you trust.

We generally avoid knowing or sharing your credentials

If we can avoid it, we'll never ask for or want to see your credentials or payment information. As a result, we may ask you to purchase some assets on your own and only send us the site-specific details—like license keys—in order to complete our work.