About Antimatter Co.

Founded in 2014 and built on more than 15 years of agency experience: 
meet the little company that can.

Antimatter Co. is a digital studio providing experienced web development, maintenance, and support to small-to-Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and agencies.  We also offer excellent support and maintenance packages in addition to retainer-based consulting services.

Our team collaborates with others to create a complete experience for our clients.  We maximize efficiency and guard your budget by working with other specialized teams to build your service.

It starts with our mission: a human partnership.

Let’s get past the era where we thought it was normal that
helping companies grow meant everyone was overworked and exhausted.

If that’s how we should think about our work, that sounds awful.

Developers heard it over and over by their bosses at past advertising jobs. “It’s the service industry.” The never-ending shrug that happened when they were unceremoniously told “the client wants this” by some unreasonable deadline and that they’d suddenly “have to” work late nights and over the weekend and during that holiday and cancel the plans they might have had.

We’ve seen testing and quality assurance get cut entirely because of scope creep and arbitrary deadlines. We’ve seen disastrous project launches by a frazzled team asked to make sizable design, content, or functionality changes the the day before deployment.

Often times, these agencies charge a rush fee that never make its way to the team called in for the extra, unexpected work. How’s that for thanks?

It doesn't have to be like that anymore.

Let’s get back to where each team member from both the client and vendor side is both happy working on the project and with the other people. After all, striving for great work is a shared endeavor.

When we work with you—not for you—we want you to look like heroes. If you look like heroes, we’ll look like heroes. We’ll celebrate in your successes as you’ll celebrate in ours. We’ll be happy to shout your great news from the highest heights and hope you’ll do the same for us.

Suddenly, that old-fashioned service industry “client-vendor relationship” sounds like a really bad idea. There’s a better way to work together.

Let’s try a “human partnership,” instead.

We Take Your Security & Privacy Seriously

We use a wide array of VPNs, encryption, strong passwords, credential managers, and more to help ensure your website and data is protected and secure.

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