About Antimatter Co.

Founded in 2014 and built on more than 18 years of agency experience: meet the little company that can.

Antimatter Co. is a digital studio providing experienced WordPress development, support, and security to nonprofits, agencies, and small-to-Fortune 500 organizations.

Our team collaborates with others to create a complete experience for our clients. We maximize efficiency and guard your budget by working with other specialized teams to build your service.

Our mission: we seek a "human partnership," not a client-vendor relationship.

Let’s get past the era where helping companies grow often means everyone is overworked, exhausted, and taken advantage of.

We Take Your Security & Privacy Seriously

We use a wide array of VPNs, encryption, strong passwords, credential managers, and more to help ensure your website and data is protected and secure.

Ready to see how we can help you?

30 minutes or less is all it takes to see how we can build or support your WordPress site.