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As of February 6th, 2021, Antimatter Co. has transitioned to after-hours legacy support and limited consulting services.

A note from Antimatter Co. Founder & CEO, Chris Fullman


When I founded Antimatter Co. in May of 2014—only a few days after leaving The Martin Agency and pausing almost 14 years of work in the agency space—I sought to create a studio that offered agency-quality website development, security, and support at a fraction of the cost.

For almost seven years—a proverbial lifetime without a business partner—I was able to help nonprofits, agencies, and small-to-Fortune 500 organizations of all sizes across the world. I've survived a few slow periods of incoming business, grew to a staff of 4 for a brief time, and made it through 2020 by keeping the lights on.

However, to quote a well-known phrase (and arguably one of the best television series finales ever from Star Trek: The Next Generation), "All Good Things [must come to an end]..." With the pandemic, slowing business, and no employees to manage, it felt like a right time to close my successful chapter of self-employment and rejoin the agency space.

On February 8th, 2021, I joined the talented team at Elevation as Associate Director, Platforms & Products.

At this time, Antimatter Co. is only offering after-hours legacy support to its active clients and limited consulting services.

I'm proud of the work my small team and I produced for our nonprofit, agency, and small-to-Fortune 500 business clients and am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with them.

Chris Fullman